Global Lab Meeting Videos

Below is the schedule of GenBioPAC Global Lab meetings.  Meetings that have already been held are linked to their video (click on date) and summary notes from the meeting. 

2024 Meetings:

1/12/24 - GenBioPac Town Hall (Annual Meeting)

2/9/24 meeting - Mark Pataky, PhD, Asst Prof at Mayo Clinic, 30 min speaker: Impact of biological sex on molecular signatures of skeletal muscle. (meeting notes)

3/8/24 meeting - Christoph Thaiss, PhD, Asst Prof at Univ of Pennsylvania , 30 min speaker: Gut microbiome-brain interactions in the regulation of exercise motivation . (meeting notes)

4/12/24 meeting - Michael Skinner, PhD, Washington State Univ, 30 min speaker: Environmental Induced Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Disease Susceptibility: Epigenetic Origins of Disease, Health, and Evolution. (meeting notes)

5/10/24 meeting - LiLian Yuan, PhD, Des Moines University, 30 min speaker: Individual and sex differences in voluntary exercise behavior. (meeting notes)

6/14/24 meeting - Anja Bye, PhD, and Marie Klevjer, PhD Candidate, Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech, 30 min speakers: GWAS of cardiorespiratory fitness and associations with CVD (meeting notes)

7/12/24 -  NO MEETING, summer break

8/9/24 -

9/13/24 - Laurie Goodyear, PhD, Prof of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 30 min speaker: 

10/11/24 - Joram Mul, PhD, Director of Fit Brain Lab, University of Amsterdam: Neurobiology of exercise-induced stress resilience 

11/8/24 - Karyn Esser, PhD, Prof and Chair Dept Physiology and Aging, Univ of Florida , 30 min speaker: Role of physical activity/exercise as a time cue for skeletal muscle and other tissues 

2022-2023 Meetings

9/9/22 meeting - Dr. Yann Klimentidis 30 min speaker; Dr. Peter Clark, 5 min speaker (meeting notes)

10/14/22 meeting - Dr. Ben Greenwood 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

11/11/22 meeting - Dr. Justin Rhodes 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

12/9/22 meeting - Dr. Deborah Good 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

1/13/23 meeting - Dr. David Ferguson 30 min speaker (meeting notes)

2/10/23 meeting - Dr. Elina Sillanpää 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

3/10/23 meeting - Dr. Harold Lee 30 min speaker ; Haley Cabrera 5 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

4/14/23 meeting - Dr. Peter Clark 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

5/12/23 meeting - Dr Alun Williams 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

6/16/23 meeting - Speaker Monica Hubal ; Eric Leszczynski 5 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

7/14/23 meeting - Dr. Mark Sarzynski 30 min speaker; Tim Lightfoot 5 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

8/9/23   meeting - Dr Lex Kravitz 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

14/10/23 meeting - Dr Sarah Voisin 30 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

10/11/23 meeting - Dr Urho Kujala 30 min speaker  ;  Zoey Zi 5 min speaker (meeting notes and chat) 

12/8/23 meeting  - Dr Louis Perusse 30 min speaker ; Dr Ayland Letsinger 5 min speaker (meeting notes and chat)

2021-2022 Meetings

9/10/21 Meeting - first meeting (meeting notes)

10/8/21 meeting - Dr. J. Timothy Lightfoot speaker (meeting notes)

11/12/21 meeting  - Dr. Claude Bouchard speaker (meeting notes)

12/10/21 meeting - Dr. Eco de Geus speaker (meeting notes)

1/14/22 meeting - Dr. Jaako Kaprio speaker (meeting notes)  

2/11/22 meeting - Drs. Sara Campbell, Karen Peterson/Erica Jansen speakers - (meeting notes)

3/11/22 meeting - Dr. Martine Thomis speaker- (meeting notes, meeting chat text)

4/8/22 meeting - Dr. Molly Bray 30 min speaker; Dr. Ben Greenwood 5 min speaker - (meeting notes, meeting chat text)

5/13/22 meeting  - Dr. Ted Garland, Jr. 30 min speaker; Dr. David Ferguson 5 min speaker - (meeting notes, meeting chat text)

6/10/22 meeting - Dr. Sara Campbell 30 min speaker - (meeting notes, meeting chat text)

7/8/22 meeting - Dr. Marcel den Hoed 30 min speaker - (meeting notes)


Scenes from the monthly GenBioPAC Global Lab meeting!  Can you name all the countries represented in this picture?